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PGM Image Viewer

PGM Image Viewer

Online tool to view images in the (text) Portable Graymap Format (PGM) format, from the graphical package Netpbm (Pbmplus).

The system implements code to view images in the text format Portable Graymap Format (PGM) generated in the topic Learn Programming: Files and Serialization (Marshalling).

The file is processed locally, in the browser. Thus, the chosen file is not sent to a remote server.


To use the viewer, you must use the button after Choose a text file in PGM format:. In the opened dialog, you must choose the desired file.

Note. If the image file is modified, it is necessary to select it again using the dialog.

After choosing a file, press the button View image to load the image. The image will be processed in the browser; if it is a valid image in PGM format, the contents will be shown in the browser. For convenience, the viewer also provides a magnification of the image of 16 times (1600% scale).



PGM image displayed in the canvas.

Scaled Image

Magnified PGM image displayed in the canvas.