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RAW Audio Player

RAW Audio Player

Online tool to play (reproduce) audio files in the format RAW. The implementation assumes a sample rate of 44.1 KHz, one channel (mono) and 8 bits per sample. The sign is configurable, to show the difference of sounds for each interpretation (signed or unsigned int).

The purpose of the tool is playing RAW files created in Pulse-Code Modulation (PCM) and the Raw Format, from the topic Learn Programming: Files and Serialization (Marshalling).

The file is processed locally, in the browser. Thus, the chosen file is not sent to a remote server.


To use the player, you must use the button after Choose a binary file in the Raw format to choose the desired sound file. Actually, you can use any file; the bytes of the file will be interpreted as sound samples. The results can be peculiar, chaotic, and noisy.

Note. If the audio file is modified, it is necessary to select it again using the dialog.

You can modify how the values in the file will be interpreted using the option Signed values?. If the checkbox is checked, the values will be interpreted as signed integers. Otherwise, they will be interpreted as unsigned integers. The resulting sound will be different; thus, it is interesting to experience both options.

The other options cannot be changed. They serve as a reminder of the expected values for the file.

After configuring the options, press the button Play audio to reproduce the sound. Low volumes always are recommended to preserve the hearing health.


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